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Electronic Warfare: Ensuring Technological and Operational Dominance in the EW and Cyber Warfare Domain

Attended by an audience consisting of officers from EW, Cyber Warfare, Information Technologies, Emerging Technologies, Signals, Networks Operations and Digital Forensics Commands alongside MoDs, R&D organisations, procurements teams, academia and industry its main objects this year will be exploring the increasing importance of EW and Cyber to the modern military, operational experiences and current requirements.

Electronic warfare is the art of the invisible. Operating against enemies of minimum to none EW capabilities, NATO allies and friendly nations have been left behind, in contrast to adversaries that have developed mature technology, operations and techniques. Additionally, with several high profile cyber-attacks affecting the West from a plurality of sources, there is an urgent need for those nations to quickly develop their capabilities to tackle the ongoing threat.

Increasing international compatibility between EW systems, utilising technologies like the CESMO Hub, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, managing information overloads, deconflicting the electromagnetic battlespace, developing better and more efficient EW and Portable Systems in accordance to recent technological developments are just some means the community is looking at to achieve this.

NATO plans to spend $3.24 billion over the next three years to advance its satellite and computer technology in-line with new threats. Moreover, NATO is spending $176m on next-generation training equipment specifically for electronic warfare.

Electronic Warfare provides militaries, government agencies and industry organisations an opportunity to discuss ways to realign their electronic warfare and cyber capabilities while improving cooperation on joint operations.

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